The Founder

Bahiga EL– Haggar, Ph. D., 30 year author public speaker faculty retired diplomat and certified nutritionist. Bahiga contributed to improvement and supported community, business and academe.
She has appearances on Good Morning America, NBC PBS and the international press received honors from full bright the UN and USAID, has patent and developed health protocols for; time sensitive care for stoke response, metabolism- bones promotion from prenatal stage, cancer early detection, and chemo replacement therapy, and designed teaching modules. Bahiga added inventions to molecular gastronomy that improve handling fat and gluten in the American diet.

Bahige EL- Haggar Health Achievement Profile, Starting with the Most Recent:

Bahiga EL-Haggar on Coronavirus/ COVID19 prevention and immunity Technology,
Bahiga EL- Haggar on Cancer Chemo Replacement Therapy,
Bahiga EL- Haggar on Stroke, Time Sensitive Care- Hemodynamic Mechanism,
Bahiga EL- Haggar on Metabolism, New Age Nutrition devices,
Bahiga EL-Haggar on Obesity Prevention the 3-1 Kids Nutrition.

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