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Topics; Coronavirus Fast Aid Stop COVID -19 on its tracks

Latest noninvasive detection of COVID signs, and quick response hands of Coronavirus Fast Aid.

Fee per person; $55.                                                                                                                          Add $20, for the certificate

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Topics; How to protect from Coronavirus/ Sars Cov-2.

Update information, correct misconception. Learn to make personal risk assessment, the basics to promote natural immunity. Upon completion of this course you will be able to identify specific symptoms, avoid causes that spread the disease, use the tools for fast prevention and repeat.

Time; classes Thursdays 7- 8 pm

Cooking healthy 

Topics; Learn the secret of healthy eating new ingredients, technique to control fat & gluten, natural flavoring, make delicious dishes, get signature recipes from certified chefs.

Class cost: $35.

Join class online Saturday 10: -11: am

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CME Credit Class

Is SARS COVID-19 Curable? 

Topics; review and update COVID-19 to enhance participants’ marketability. Learn to reduce risk and save time. Includes early assessment, quick response, personalize immunity techniques and elevate patient safety. Upon finishing this class you will be able to; detect distinctive signs of SARS COVID-19 bacterial infection make sound assessment, utilize effective protocol to lower the risk, elevate patient safety and avoid repeated incidence.

Cost, inquire

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CME Credit Class

The Future of Medicine

Topics: review and update post COVID Syndrome care, and enhance participants’ marketability. Allied health for the front line professionals, innovative tools for risk reduction, personalized integration in hospital setting optimize treatment results for post COVID syndrome for the recovered patients.

Cost, inquire

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