COVID-19 Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Personal Digital Risk Assessment

The latest consumer technology to protect from Sars CoV-2/COVID-19 will, forever change the way to handle viruses. 

The National Health Register launches unique COVID-19 health network to improve personal physical, mental wellbeing and reduce deaths.  The network aims to prevent environmental-led illness viruses included it adapts the register’s electronic in-home self assessment test for COVID-19 patients. The only premedical personal self test is easy safe accurate does not require training and is mobile enabled. It provides timely results with online digital scores from 0-100.                     

Before the innovation of personal digital self assessment  7 out of 10 COVID-19 patients developed risk.

The Register is LA County consultant and USC family medicine strategic partner is credited for evidence-based therapies by HHS, and WHO.  Led by BahigaELHaggar, Ph.D., author faculty retired diplomat certified nutritionist and health educator. She has appeared on Good Morning America, NBC and PBS. Services offered by team of professionals who share 75 years of combined experience medical nutrition psychology, and holistic More.                                                                                                                                           .

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