Post COVID Lifestyle

Post COVID Lifestyle

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Post COVID Lifestyle

Expert health professionals formed the World Post COVID Care Network to mitigate all post COVID syndrome avoid the repeat provides functional medicine that works. COVID affects neurological, cardio pulmonary, digestive and reproductive health. Board certified doctor nutritionist psychological will help regain body mind and spirit with clinical quality lifestyle personal care gadget and more.                                                                                         

Services; consultation, vital information, classes, digital personalized nutrition point of care tool. If you have any symptom due to the infection or, new ones you can benefit from this lifestyle.

Post COVID Syndrome:

-Pain and body aches


- Heart or, stroke symptoms

-Anosmia/ loss of smell

-Brian fog

-Difficulty breathing

-Digestive problems- Diarrhea,...

-Reproductive related condition

-Unexplained or, sudden inflammation

If you have any of the above symptoms, and would like the complete care

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