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NutriSensor Diet Gadget

Personalized weight loss

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Nutrition Therapy

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

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Post COVID Lifestyle

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The Founder Bahiga EL– Haggar, Ph. D., 30 year author public speaker faculty retired diplomat and certified nutritionist. Bahiga contributed to improvement and supported community, business and academe.
She has appearances on Good Morning America, NBC PBS and the international press received honors from full bright the UN and USAID, has patent and developed health protocols for; time sensitive care for stoke response, metabolism- bones promotion from prenatal stage, cancer early detection, and chemo replacement therapy, and designed teaching modules. Bahiga added inventions to molecular gastronomy that improve handling fat and gluten in the American diet.

Bahige EL- Haggar Health Achievement Profile, Starting with the Most Recent:

Bahiga EL-Haggar on Coronavirus/ COVID19, Immune therapy technology
Bahiga EL- Haggar on Chemotherapy Replacement, "from Here to Eternity",
Bahiga EL- Haggar on Ischemic Stroke, Time Sensitive Hemodynamic,
Bahiga EL- Haggar on Metabolism, New Age Nutrition/ Immunity Enhancement,
Bahiga EL-Haggar on Obesity Prevention the 3-1 Kids Nutrition.

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New technology will forever change the way we handle viruses.

National health register the leader of personal health works to avoid risks and promote health since 2005. Its its innovations include integrated therapies: chemo therapy replacement HHS approved “From Here to Eternity”, real time stroke response, weight control, 3-1 kids’ nutrition. And the only electronic self-diagnostic testing for in-home COVID-19 patients. Safe accurate test protects privacy. and provides timely results with scores from 0-100 sent to ones cell phone. 

Before the innovation of electronic self testing 7 out of 10 COVID-19 patients developed risk.

The National Health Register launches unique COVID-19 health network to improve physical, mental wellbeing with successful prevention early detection and post COVID-19 syndrome.   The Register is LA County consultant USC family medicine strategic partner is credited by HHS, and WHO. Led by BahigaELHaggar, Ph.D., author faculty retired diplomat certified nutritionist and health educator. She has appeared on Good Morning America, NBC and PBS. Services offered by team of professionals who share 75 years of combined experience medical nutrition psychology, and holistic More. .

Are you at risk of COVID-19?
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Information on this document is for educational purpose only and does not suggest or replace medical advise. Please consult you medical health provider for you medial health needs.

Nutrition Therapy


Unique NutriSensor gadget revolutionizes care saves time with new DNA matching technology doctors recommended to control weight/ bone ratio and support natural immunity.

Before NutriSensor therapy 9 out if 10 treated with other methods developed risk.

Personalized technology achieve better results for any health condition and lifestyle. Its two versions for treatment by category;                                                                              -chronic disease/ diabetes heart cancer asthma arthritis, and infections,                        -infection prevention and control. 

 Users' testimonial indicates significant improvement free choice eating enhanced immunity secured access to file anywhere, and savings. Most importantly, it uniquely eliminates intake errors with safety check a code verification tool prevents conflicted botanical as well as chemical. 

NutriSensor programable gadget starts at $90 includes the first month access to intake safety check at no charge. Diet food plan is additional starts at: $12 per week,

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Coronavirus Fast Aid

Coronavirus Fast AidCoronavirus Fast Aid
Coronavirus Fast Aid

Stop Coronavirus on its tracks with evidence based protection from here to eternity. Coronavirus Fast Aid helps to quickly respond to symptoms. It includes FDA effective solution its effectiveness is documented in (BDJ) among other scientific documents.

Coronavirus Fat Aid
- Controls the bacteria,                                                                                                                                                              - Ends germ growth,
- Clears sinus.
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Information on this document is for education only does not suggest or replace medical advice. Consult your medical health professional for your health needs. If you have an emergency or suspect that you are infected seek medical assistance immediately.


Online classes

Non-credit for consumer,

1- How novel technology can prevent virus risk.
Topics: the course review and update information, the impact on virus prevention, steps to early detect avoid risk, use of immunity device.
Upon completion of this course you will be able to: identify symptoms, avoid causes, prevent risk, and the causes virus spread, learn the basics immunity promotion,, and ways to prevent repeated incidents. Certificate of attendants will be issued.

Cost per person: $55.
material is additional.
Join classes Thursdays 7- 8 pm

2- How eating healthy help to overcome viruses.
Topics: Learn the secret of good food choice and healthy cooking for one or many,
Upon completion of this class you will be able to use new potent ingredients, apply technique to control fat & gluten, naturally flavor, boost immunity, make delicious dishes. Attendant will get signature recipes from certified chefs.

Cost: per person: $35.
Certificate of attendance will be issued to participants.
Join class Saturdays 10: -11: am.

Credit CME for professional;

1– Is SARS COVID-19 Curable?
Topics; review information and update COVID 19 poison impact on mental health, nerve rejuvenation, immunity device use.
Upon completion of this course you will be able to; detect the signs of SARS COVID-19 poison, pinpoint severity of its development phases, make sound assessment of immunity support needs, and effective prevention for in hospital and other setting ,

Credits: 6
Cost: Inquire

2– The Future of Medicine

Topics; Course reviews and updates physical and mental interrelated health care information, and enhance participant marketability.
Upon completion of this course you will be able to make sound need assessment, avoid fatalities optimize immunity and natural wellness in healthcare setting.

Credits: 6
Cost;: Inquire

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Integrated health and safety start with free consultation for new members.
If you are at risk, a recovered patient or, are concerned about your safety, and want to seek prevention and immunity, start with #1 doctors recommend health service.
Unique program by expert professionals offers personalized technology achieve peace of mind:
appointment for depth need assessment
answer your questions and
customize evidence base therapy
advanced technology fast online services and video meetings available for compatible to any living pattern

Consultation cost per person : $75.
Order book an appointment.